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Gentle Yoga & Meditation for Relaxation, Anxiety Management, Work Productivity, and Injury Prevention

Yoga: How to Move, How to Be Still


I found yoga when I was searching for a way to help me calm my mind and let go of everyday stress but also gain strength. I had been dealing with severe migraines since I was a child, which a lot of doctors said could be from stress. I had tried biofeedback which was better than medication. It allowed me to teach myself how to calm my mind slow my heart rate down and tune into my body. I now had a tool that I was able to access to help relieve my migraines. However life gets busy as we all know and it was often hard to just stop and allow myself the time to use what I had learned.

Sudden Relief.

While browsing at a local bookstore, I found a very basic book on yoga and started practicing on my own. Immediately it brought me relief from my chronic anxiety, and migraines.

 I started to crave more, and found a Yoga Studio close by and took classes off and on. I was drawn to hot power yoga and vinyasa flow their transitions, and "choreography/sequencing" reminded me a little bit of dancing especially, ballet. I grew up dancing, and loved it. This style of yoga felt deeply familiar, and freeing.

I was getting a workout, and a work-in.

I always left class with clarity, and was able to cut off many a migraine at the pass. Yoga quite simply, became a larger part of my life. At this point, I knew I wanted to share the yoga that helped me live more comfortably in my own skin.

& then, I learned to sit.

I began to focus on the meditation part of yoga. I was burnt out from my job as a hairstylist and desperately needed a change. Meditation on its own reminded me of biofeedback they have a lot of similarities specifically lessening stress. I always felt good after I meditated and just like yoga sometimes if I had the start of a migraine it would be gone by the time I finished. If I was stressed it calmed me down.



I started incorporating both into my daily life and focusing more and more on my breath and slowing down my practice more. Focusing on how I moved with my breath through a pose instead of what I looked like in the pose. I started to let go of self-judgement and became more accepting of myself and where I was at in a given pose but also in my life in general. It took me another year of building my practice, then I signed up and completed my 200 hour RYT yoga teacher training. I believe Yoga is truly a way to breathe, relax your mind and restore your body.

What I want for you.

I want people to leave my yoga class with knowledge on how they can take yoga out of the studio and into their everyday lives. You'll learn to breathe into your body, to restore, balance and find more calmness.  I specialize in slow flow yoga classes that allow you to focus on your breathe and movement meditating throughout each pose as you practice to help you find stillness within your movement.  Currently teaching privates, workshops, mediation, public and corporate group classes as well as hold yoga retreats. E-RYT - 200. Owner of Serene Yoga, of Stoughon & Hull MA.


Yoga And Meditation Is For Everyone

Group Yoga Offered at Serene Yoga in Hull The space is much larger than Stoughton has lots of windows allowing for natural light to shine through. Yoga is great for body mind and soul. It helps with stress management, improving circulation, and balance. You will be relaxing your mind and body while still building strength. Practicing yoga will help all aspects of your life.

Semi Private Yoga And Meditation Classes Offered at -Serene Yoga Studio in Stoughton In a semi private class you can really let go and experience yoga and meditation in a unique way. Allowing for more of an individualized practice than you would have in a larger class.


Private Yoga instruction offers you the time to personalize your practice outside of a typical group yoga class setting. Maybe you are new to yoga and want to feel more comfortable with the poses before joining in on a group class. From the beginner to advanced yogi you may find that private instruction could be beneficial. You may have something specific that you would like to work on it could be a pose, a goal,  healing an old injury, or working on adding more meditation or breathe work into your practice. A private yoga practice is a great time to dive deeper into yourself and focus on you. 


Meditation is a great way to slow down and really tune in to your body and your breathe. It helps reduce stress and anxiety. It can help bring balance, a deeper sense of self and a overall feeling of happiness and gratitude into life. It allows us to slow down our thought process and begin to let go of stress and negative thoughts which increases the overall feeling of peace. Meditation will help you to lead a more fluid and joyous life.

* Please note all beach classes are weather permitted and only held thru the summer check instagram for updates*  Drop in rates for Serene Yoga $17- per class reach out with any questions.

* Please note all beach classes are weather permitted and only held thru the summer check instagram for updates*

Drop in rates for Serene Yoga $17- per class reach out with any questions.

Corporate Yoga And Meditation And Why It Works ...

Bringing yoga and meditation in your work place will allow you and your employees to let go of stress from the work day allow your body to move your and your breathe to flow freely. Yoga and meditation are so good for your body meditation and yoga both reduce stress help heal injuries, improves posture creates better habits and overall feeling of happiness which allows for improved productivity and feeling of self at work and through daily life.  Yoga gets your blood pumping sending new oxygenated blood to all your organs which increases energy and meditation creates a clearer mind and both practices reduce stress and anxiety. Regardless if you do them together or separate you will gain overall body and mind health and wellness and productivity throughout your work space and life.  

How Yoga and Meditation worked for me and what I hope you find in your journey

I was able to use yoga as a tool in my life to help manage my migraines stress and anxiety. After years of trying different methods to treat my migraines from medication to bio feedback. I found yoga. Yoga was a means for me to relax my body and mind. I found that much like bio feedback where I would teach my entire body to relax through meditative tapes and body awareness through the monitoring of machines I was able to teach my body and mind to quiet and let go of stress on my yoga mat without machines. I started using yoga as a tool in my everyday life while I was feeling stress or anxiety or a migraine and allowing it all to let go and dissolve on my mat.

Breathe is life. In a yoga you are tuning in to your body you can reflect on how you are feeling  on your mat which for me was similar to biofeedback. You are in a safe place where you tune into your body to see what it is calling for at that moment. You then learn to focus on your breathe, breathing correctly can help you get through moments of stress, and tension.

When you practice with me at Serene Yoga you will be breathing and tuning into your body and its needs. Moving through poses and continually checking in with yourself finding the places that need extra care and allowing your breathing to help relieve tension stress and discomfort. Taking time out during the day for self care and to be on your mat is your time to slow down take care of your body and your mind. Allowing your breathe and the poses to help you find relief from daily stress.

Enter Serene Yoga to allow yourself the time to start your day on the right foot, or decompress from the day. Learning to let go of stress find your breath. Closing each practice knowing you are in a safe place on your mat feeling a sense of inner peace at ease and completely relaxed.